According to Global Gold, it is flexibility rather than cost that is driving people to the Cloud.
Research by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), several years ago, suggested that firms would opt for cloud computing in a bid to lower costs, however, they are now waking up to the other benefits of such solutions.

More recently; (of the companies questioned for the study), 53 per cent said that flexibility (being able to access your files and documents anywhere) was their main driver for implementing cloud solutions, compared to 16 per cent which were influenced by cost.

SpiderGroup issued a survey to local businesses this month, which revealed similar results: That 60% of those questioned thought ‘working from anywhere’ to be the most attractive quality of the cloud.

Perhaps this shows that keeping up-to-date with technology is more important than saving money? It certainly seems to represent society today – that people are much more mobile – which is in fact an enormous benefit to businesses.

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