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Your Data
Documents and software are stored safely in the Cloud. This means you get to work from anywhere.
Safely Backed Up
Everything gets backed up instantly on-line, so you never have to worry about losing your work or important data.
Microsoft SharePoint is transforming the way businesses collaborate and share information. By sharing documents on-line, everyone can be kept up-to-date effectively and efficiently.
We'll help you synchronise everything to your mobile phone so you can access anything, anywhere.
Data files are much safer in the Cloud. If your computer were to get stolen, you can rest assured that your data is safe. Storing it in the Cloud also means you can access data outside of your office.
Contacts are looked after in the Cloud. This means that you can get a contact's details whenever you need them. You can also share documents with those that you choose, whenever and wherever you choose.
Your calendar can be accessed anywhere. It can also be shared, and synchronised to your mobile phone.
IT Support
SpiderOffice Startup comes with full support. If you have any problems or questions - we are a phone call - sometimes a stones throw away.
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Spideroffice Start Up
Start as you mean to go on in business. Cloud Computing makes your business more efficient, allowing you to spend your time and energy exactly where you need to.
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“SpiderGroup provide me with Outlook and SharePoint, which allows me to access my e-mail and documents anywhere. It also means I no longer have to worry about backing-up as SpiderGroup store it all in the Cloud for me. The transition was incredibly easy and the level of service has been excellent.


Cloud Computing has had a great impact on my business and I wouldn’t be without it. What’s great about SpiderGroup is that they are local so I can see where my data is being stored and it means they are always on hand when I need them.


I am always referring my clients to SpiderGroup and I look forward to a continued relationship with them”.


Tom Barnes, Director at Barnes Graham
Why Spideroffice Startup?
As a small or start-up business, you'll want to ensure that your business tools are efficient and cost-effective. 
Spideroffice Startup provides you with a hosted email account which means your email, calendar and contacts can be synced successfully to your phone or mobile device.
Microsoft Sharepoint means documents can be shared easily amongst your colleagues. 
We'll also make sure that your data is safely backed-up in The Cloud.
What the package includes
  • Email and webmail with Microsoft Exchange
  •  Live Blackberry, iPhone and SmartPhone services
  •  Microsoft SharePoint Intranet
  •  Cloud "Network Drive"
  •  Online Backup
  • Knowledgeable and friendly support desk
  • Remote engineer support
Startup is great for...
Call answering services/PA's, Consultants, Marketers, PR Consultants, Printers, Technical services, Trades people, Trainers