10 Gadgets To Look Forward To For 2011

By SpiderGroup

12 Dec 2010

Well its official – 2010 is nearly over and what a year it has been for gadgets. With most of us looking forward to un-wrapping our tech and woolly socks on Christmas day, at SpiderGroup, we are looking forward to what 2011 has to hold for us.

2010 has been a successful year for manufactures Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and many more with 3D technology, smart phones, tablets and operating systems. We’ve seen the growth of 3D phenomenally grow but with one downside – the glasses.

We’ve blogged about what to anticipate for release in 2011 but again, the spot light is on certain manufactures more than others. With Samsung currently holding 90% of the 3D-TV market, could we see Sony make a comeback with 3D-TV’s and 3D gaming on their PS3? Will Android have its 2011 boom as predicted by sources? Qualcomm and Snapdragon can punch mighty speeds in small CPU’s; can we see faster netbook and smart phones?

BlackBerry PlayBook


Announced around a month and a half ago, the PlayBook is certainly going to be a flagship tablet for the Canadian company and huge competition for Apple and their iPad.

BlackBerry RIM say for us to expect the release of their PlayBook to be released in the second quarter of 2011 – pretty much when other big players have released their tablets.

The PlayBook’s twist on the market is that it is going to be primarily focused on the SME market and work closely with the current BlackBerry offerings (both BIS and BES – read more about the differences)

The tablet is very sleek and packs a lot in terms of power, graphics and operating system which has been produced by QNX. Specification – a whopping dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, Adobe Flash 10.1 compatibility, HDMI-output and according to BlackBerry ‘true multi-tasking’.

Nintendo 3DS


We have seen a tremendous growth of three-dimensional television in 2010 but 2011 is going to also be the 3D gaming era.

Sony has already released firmware updating the PlayStation 3 to have 3D compatibility with games and movies. Sony has already announced that they have over 50-titles currently in development which are going to be 3D (read more).

What the Nintendo 3DS will bring to the 3D gaming market and its edge is that players won’t have to wear any glasses for the full 3D experience. Nintendo say that they currently have bigwigs ‘Metal Gear Solid’ and ‘Resident Evil’ already on board so watch this space.

LG Star


Most of the spot light has been on the Apples iPhone and iOS for the past however many years, it’s time for something new to come onto the market and show Apple how it’s done.

This is where the LG Star can come in as stiff competition to Apple. With a powerful NVidia chipset, Tegra 2, Android Gingerbread 2.3, 1080p, an 8mpx camera, HDMI output and a 4” capacitive touch screen, the Star could certainly bring a new height to smart phones and what can be packed into them.

iPad 2


We saw the release of the first generation iPad in the second quarter of 2010 and it was a huge hit with UK customers selling over 3,000,000 in 80-days.

Sources are already now talking about the stock piling of the second generation iPad’s to commence in February 2011, a release of the iPad for April/ May for the US and a month later for the UK is predicted.

The iPad 2 could pack a dual-core processor but something we are sure of is going to be FaceTime and the possibility of two front facing cameras which could maybe mean 3D?

On a more negative note for the second generation iPad, sources say that because of how many iPads have been sold, the second generation iPad may not be that popular which means bad news for Apple.

Chrome OS Netbooks


If you were to ask anyone who the biggest names in Operating Systems, im sure the answer would be either ‘Apple’ or ‘Microsoft’ until now – Google are having their own go at an operating system which embraces the cloud.

Google have already conquered the tablet and smartphone market and now it’s their turn to have a go against Microsoft’s 25% market holding operating system ‘Windows 7’.

Chrome OS is a new platform developed by Google which is currently being tested in their very minimalistic and simplistic laptop – ‘CR-48’ prototype.

The current OS is being tested on a their CR-48 laptop and isn’t for sale in retail stored yet so we wouldn’t know how well it does on the market until it’s officially released.

Motorola 3.0 Android Tablet


Shown off at the D:Drive into Mobile conference by Android’s Andy Robinson, Motorola are jumping onto the tablet band waggon with 3.0 Honeycomb and hoping for a big success in sales (as is every other manufacture doing a tablet).

We are still waiting for an in-depth review of this tablet so we’re merely going upon predictions of online forums and blog articles. Specification its rather familiar to what you would see in the BlackBerry PlayBook and the iPad – 512MB RAM, micro-SD up to 32GB, mini-HDMI port, 1280×800 resolution, 32GB storage and a 1GHz processor.

Sony’s PSP Phone


With the release of ‘infinity blade’ on the iPhone and iPad, it certainly shows off how well the iPhone’s in-built graphics can handle the demands of this resource hungry game.

Those people over at Sony have suddenly had a brain wave and thought ‘what happens if a Sony PSP has a head on collision with a smart phone which has Android on’ and low and behold – the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 is born.

With Android 3.0 Gingerbread, probability of a 1GHz processor, between 3.7”-4.1” screen, dedicated gaming buttons and possibly a few more extras, from what Engadget describe this revolutionary gaming smart phone, it’s definitely going to be pretty damn sexy and a milestone for smart phones and gaming experience.

HP/ Palm Devices


We saw in 2010 HP purchase Palm and we’re still waiting for a flagship gadget to be released from the company. We all knew about the HP Slate and then when the buyout of Palm, we suddenly believed that HP were going to incorporate Palms webOS onto the tablet but no, HP decided it was a safer bet to have Windows 7. So does this mean that we could expect something from HP and Palm with webOS? A cheaper version of the HP Slate with the same size as a Galaxy Tablet?

With the HP Slate to be released in Q2 of 2011, the Slate will have some pretty impressive specs including a 64GB solid state hard drive for smooth execution of programs which it would definitely need if it has Windows, USB ports, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 9.21” screen, HDMI out, and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor.

Prices are $549 for the 32GB model and $599 for a 64GB model – well $549 is £346 so you would expect the Slate to be around the £400 mark.

Wireless charging docking stations


We have seen wireless charging concepts in 2010 but they were a little bit bulky especially as you had to have the case for your device which enables it to charge with the station.

ElectroHub have produced a wireless charger concept which looks stunning! You don’t have to plug your phone into the wall anymore, all you have to do is put it on-top of the charger and it will start to charge – simple. There’s no a special case or extras you have to buy, it’s just the station on its own and it will charge.

iPhone 5


I think all of us have been anticipating a new iPhone for a while now due to the fact at how poor the iPhone 4 has been with its death grip and issues it has had with iOS. We’ve seen Apple give out free cases to stop the death grip but it’s not addressing the original issue which was the phone – so here we are, waiting for the new iPhone 5.

We’re still even awaiting the launch of a white iPhone 4!

With a new iPhone being released on the year every year by Apple, we are anticipating for an early release of the iPhone 5 to compensate for how poor the iPhone 4 was. What could we see with the iPhone 5? FaceTime? An enhanced GPS function which doesn’t consume as much battery as it currently does? Digital EDP for wireless payments as seen in the new Nexus S?

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