10 Useful Blackberry tips

By SpiderGroup

25 Jul 2010

Is your blackberry running slow? Having a Blackberry myself, and watching my beloved Bold slowly die from all of the stuff it comes with out of the box, I’ve decided to Blog on how to improve your blackberry for better performance.

1 Enable Memory Cleaning:

Blackberry Button > Options > Security Options > Advanced Security Options > Memory Cleaning > Enable

All blackberries’ store information on the handheld which can contain passwords, email message bodies, and private keys so to eliminate the possibility of data being compromised, Memory Cleaning has been placed on all Blackberry’s but default as Disabled for security.

2 Disabling 3G

Blackberry Button > Options > Mobile Network > Network Mode > Select 2G

The benefits of having 2G over 3G is that 2G can handle both calls, texts and data whereas 3G is optimized for faster transmission of data transfer. 3G can vary to 2G as 2G was introduced beforehand. 3G is obviously in specific areas such as cities where fast data access is required, rural areas and countryside obviously would be 2G. If you leave 2G and 3G enabled, the phone will automatically move from one network mode to another.

3 Removing unnecessary applications

Blackberry Button > Options > Applications > ‘top right, select Add-on’ > ‘all you need to do is select what you want to uninstall and just simply select the name of the program e.g. ‘blackberry maps’ and select ‘delete’

It’s a fact that all phones which leave the manufacture and sold you us comes with a tonne of applications no one would ever use. For games such as Word Mole and Sudoku on a business phone raises the question ‘why?’. Now if your addicted to these games you can leave it installed but personally I just removed it.

4 Disabling Wi-Fi

Blackberry Button > Manage Connections > ‘just make sure that the Wi-Fi is showing a red cross on its status’

It’s the same story different phone but Wi-Fi is one of these add-ons which more of a novelty rather than a useful feature with the Blackberry. If you leave it enabled, it will just simply munch through all of your battery and leave you with a phone which can be used as a paper weight.

5 Handset Security

The possibility of losing your phone or having it stolen is inevitable. Ways of preventing data being taken from the phone however is a measure which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with a Blackberry.

6 Enabling a Handset Password upon unlock

When you unlock your Blackberry via the Padlock button at the top left of your Blackberry, being prompted for a Password which you can define upon set-up, if someone manages to get hold of your phone and attempts to get into it, either they know the password or after 10 attempts, the phone will just do a security wipe.

To enable the Handset Password,:

Blackberry Button > Options > Password> ‘Select Password as Enabled’ and then enter your desired password

Note: I would recommend a password as Characters opposed to Numbers as you would have to press ‘alt’ every time you want to enter a number.

7 Changing your profile in one click

Blackberry sure knows how to confuse people with their interface but what a lot of people don’t know is that they have actually embedded shortcuts within the keyboard to change profiles. Simply from your home page, simply hold ‘Q’ to go back to your previous profile e.g. if you changed your profile from Vibrate to Loud, you will go back to Vibrate.

8 Quickly insert a full-stop

Whilst in a text message, email or note no matter what you’re doing, if you double space after a sentence, you can insert a full-stop.

9 Switching applications in Multi-Tasking

Its surprising as not a lot of people know this but Blackberry’s do support multi-tasking, Multi-tasking is where an application can be minimized to enable another execution of an application.

Applications such as the Browser, Messenger and more can be minimized into the background. To access it just hold the Blackberry Icon button from your home screen and it will display any background running applications. To re-execute them, just move the cursor to the desired icon and select it.

10 Useful Applications

There is a whole array of applications you can choose from through the Blackberry App World which can be downloaded here.

For sat-nav, I personally use Telmap Navigator which is about as intuitive as a TomTom.

Features include:

  • Clear guidance of turn by turn e.g. ‘go left onto the M32 second exit’ and works with Road Names too.
  • Point of Interest search with full address, contact numbers etc of Pubs, Petrol Stations and more
  • Simplistic easy to use interface
  • Can run in the background if you have music playing or a call
  • Traffic updates which automatically alert you and re-direct you at the click of a button

It is available for free as a 14-day trial but if you want a full license, you do have to pay £4.99 a month but it’s defiantly worth the money.

Other applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn, DriveSafely and Flixter are all free applications which I would recommend to download and if you don’t find it is not for you, just simply uninstall it.

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