Google Nexus S Price Dropped At Carphone Warehouse

By SpiderGuest

19 December 2010

With a lot of hype still around the release and pre-ordering of the Samsung Google Nexus S from the Carphone Warehouse next week, it seems as if a little pre-Christmas present has been arrived – the price drop of the phone sim-free and on pay-monthly.

SpiderGroup Nexus S Release

Now £429.99 for a sim-free handset or £30 per month on contract, Google are certainly trying to get this phone as a Christmas number 1 seller but will it beat the iPhone 4 most wanted Christmas number one?

With the partnership between the UK based stored shows how Google have changed their strategy of an online-only launch for the Nexus One last January.

Are you currently waiting on an order for the Nexus Sand wanting that Pure Speed and Google feature from the Nexus S? If so, give us a tweet or leave us a comment.

Once we have our hands on one of these we will be blogging something straight away – stay tuned.

-Via Zath

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