15-Mind Boggling Wierd TV Tech Adverts

By SpiderGuest

16 December 2010

Some adverts can be strange, other can be just damn right weird and make you wonder ‘how did this even make its way onto TV?’.

TechRadar have compiled the 15-most weirdest and strange videos going as far back as Windows 3.1 – you may notice that most of the adverts are Japanese.

1. Canon copier goes – bust


2. Android Eruction


3. Kevin Costner helps out Apple

4. ‘Piss-poor’ Dutch phone advert

5. Beat-em-up Sega commercial

6. Mad Japanese Microsoft Windows 3.1 ad

7. Brits go for aerobic Slimtel

8. Hairy Mario Kart DS ad

9. Dog + iPhone

10. Are You Keeping Up With The Commodore?

11. Atari moves into Pole Position

12. A cheesy ad from Amstrad

13. Switch. But why?

14. What is the easiest way to get a new PC?

15. How to have a party – Windows 7 style

-Via TechRadar

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