17-Year-Old Arrested After Call of Duty DDoS Attack

By SpiderGroup

9 Dec 2010

Number one game on the market, Call of Duty Black Ops came under attack back in September due to a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Further to the attack back in September, Activision contacted the police back reporting the attack, the report was passed to the e-Crime unit of Metropolitan Police. Subsequently a 17-year old from the Beswick area of Manchester has been arrested and under further investigation.


Currently being held for the alleged offence against the British Computer Misuse Act, the teen was tracked down via his IP address.

Reported by Metro, the youth used a program called ‘Phenom Booter’ to disrupt the game’s multiplayer online service. The malicious program allows players to rack up points in the Call of Duty game whilst disabling others from playing. In essence, the teen was cheating – big time!

DI Paul Hoare said in a statement: “Programmes marketed in order to disrupt the online infrastructure not only affect individual players but have commercial and reputational consequences for the companies concerned.”

“These games attract both children and young people to the online environment and this type of crime can often be the precursor to further offending in more traditional areas of online crime.”

-Source NeoSeeker & TechWatch

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