2011: The Year Of The Cloud

By SpiderGroup

20 Dec 2011


The beginning

We’ve been an IT company since 2004, we embraced the Cloud in 2007  and we’ve been actively promoting the Cloud since March of 2011. Back in March we ran a quick Twitter poll, which found that 36% of respondents had not heard of Cloud Computing and upon speaking with some of the respondents, we understand that the majority of those who had heard of it, didn’t understand what it actually was.

In the middle

Cloud Computing has exploded into the news, and the workplace throughout 2011. We’ve heard good news about the number of businesses adopting and benefiting; exciting news when big companies like Amazon & Apple created their own Cloud and of course the bad news, such as Amazon’s EC2 going down in April.

We like to think that we’ve done our bit locally: we’ve had 3 events, posted over 30 blog articles and this year we’ve grown our team to support the education on the Cloud in Bristol.


A Twitter poll this morning revealed that 91% of respondents had heard of the Cloud, and although only 27% were using it, a massive 75% said they would be considering it for 2012. Quite a difference in under a year!

The future

It has been said that 2011 has been the year of the Cloud. In our opinion 2011 has been the year of discovering the Cloud; sussing it out; testing the water. 2012 will be the year of adoption of the Cloud.

What does the future hold for the IT in your business?

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