3D "Worth Less" As TV Prices Fall To £599

By SpiderGroup

23 Feb 2011

Anyone could see this one coming and it’s finally been confirmed – 3D TV’s have slipped under £600 and there are a lot of reasons for this.

One of the main reasons is Samsung have managed to develop a 3D TV which you do have to wear the geeky glasses to watc""h it, but when you are sick of the glasses, within the touch of a button you can switch it back to 2D – great!

Two, 3D TV’s were released well before they should have been. We saw 3D in the cinemas and we could accept having to wear the glasses for an hour and a half to watch Avatar and the manufactures decided to jump on the band wagon and get 3D released as soon as possible.

Three, ‘Autoscopic 3D TV’s’ – you will start to hear this acronym a lot more in 2011 as it basically means 3D TV’s without the geeky glasses.

We first saw autoscopic TV’s being shown off at CES2011 and it looks amazing. The only thing is it will come with a hefty price tag – but you wouldn’t have to wear the glasses, now it’s worth the extra few hundred.

Originally blogged by IT Portal, they received an eNewsletter from Richersounds indicating that Samsung’s PS50C490 plasma 3D TV can now be purchased as little as £599.95.

With a screen resolution of 1366×768, Dolby compatibility, three HDMI ports, component, composite, PC input, SCART and USB 2.0 ports, as well as normal Freeview, this TV looks like a bargain.

-Via IT Portal

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