5 ways to know you're up to date with technology

By SpiderGroup

17 Dec 2014


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Technology is ever-changing and it’s becoming more and more important for the success of your business as it grows.

Here’s our 5 recommendations of what you can do now to ensure your technology is ready for the future.

1. Be able to work anywhere

Today it’s not about the size or location of your office, it’s not about where you hold meetings and whether your premises has parking. It’s all about flexibility and efficiency. More and more businesses are putting their software, applications and even documents into the Cloud which means they can access their files, accounts and everything else from any computer. They can be working from an office, home, cafe or airport for example; from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. What this means for your business is as you grow you can grow your team without having to invest in office space or expensive hardware. It also protects you against computer breakages and loss of work, which we’ve known to save companies thousands of pounds. How flexible is your working space?

2. Unified communications, be available in a variety of ways 

Unified Communications is a tool which allows you to communicate in a variety of ways. Why is this important? In today’s world people want and expect communication to be quick, and they even like it in a particular way. At SpiderGroup we use Lync to communicate to our customers (and one another) which means that we can call them, video call them, e-mail, send instant messages, hold virtual meetings and more. This makes us completely flexible when it comes to how we are able to communicate. Within the office we tend to use Instant Messaging which makes communication extremely quick. With our clients we use the very same system to take and make calls and for those who prefer to see a face we can add video at the click of a button. This form of telephony is not only current, it is flexible, professional and incredibly easy to use. It can be connected to mobile phones and tablets so once again you do not need to work from one desk in one office.

4. Synchronised phones, tablets and computers

The ability to work from anywhere is a clear sign that you’re up to date with technology. However it’s not just where you work but how you work. Are you able to work from any device and are these synchronised? Almost anyone with (or without) a business has a smart phone where they have access to their emails. If you delete an email on your phone does it then delete it from your computer mailbox or are you always doing double the work? If so switching to Microsoft Exchange could save you time and money, it’s very quick and then you’ll have freedom to work from any device, anywhere.

5. Integrated accounts and CRM

Having software that allows you to perform accounts and customer communications is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses don’t want to be logging into lots of different applications, they are constantly looking for a one-stop-shop where they can see their business – and its customers – at a glance. We like Neetrix and Xero for this, or if you have the budget then having your own software built is by far the most advanced way of getting a program which suits your business needs just so.

So, is your business up-to-date with technology? Perhaps you feel it doesn’t need to be? I believe that having an IT strategy is becoming more and more important. IT is not only a business cost, it can also be a headache. It therefore has to be something you embrace. You might not need to be using the latest technology in order to succeed, but it is important to know what’s coming, what can help you and what can hold you back.

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