5 Website Design Trends You Can Expect in 2018

By SpiderGroup

11 Oct 2017

While creativity and originality in design are extremely valued, keeping up with design trends is important as they’re a great source of inspiration and will help you improve your design skills.

There are dozens of upcoming trends at one time so it’s hard to predict which ones will be ‘the’ trend for 2018 but some more than others have been slowly showing more and more each year which makes us believe they’ll be in full force next year.

Breaking the rule of symmetry



Moving away from the elegant, minimalistic, symmetrical layout, we move towards a much bolder website design.

Often minimalistic, elements tend to be scattered all over the page. Not unintentional of course, elements complement each other by weight or shape contrast, often colours too. This is by far one of my favourite trends. When beautifully done, it can transform a website.


Geometric Shapes

We have been seeing the use of geometric shapes as patterns or on floating elements since early 2016 and it has been growing ever since, not only in web design but also print.""

Bold Typography

The shift we’re seeing in typography is of independence. Typography is becoming its own element; expect to see over-sized type combined with dynamic text and parallax scrolling.



Neon Gradients and bold colours

In 2015, we saw the emergence of pastel colours who completely owned 2016, but 2017 brought us something much bolder. Brands are moving away from the safety of web colours and shifting towards vivid and vibrant gradients. This trend spreads across logos, illustrations, background and even icons. There’s no wrong or right way to use this trend.




2017 has showed us great animations with the use of JavaScript, from icons popping up when you hoover on them to richer ones like integrations with navigation and scrolling. Animations can build beautiful storytelling websites but need to be tamed and make sure they enhance the user experience rather than detract from it.

Take a look at National Geographic website and see how they use animations at scheduled times to add to the storytelling.



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