50Mbps Wireless Internet Trialled In Rural Wales

By SpiderGroup

9 Dec 2010

Arqiva and Alcatel Lucent are currently trialling out a ‘next generation’ mobile data signalling for rural home owners in the Wales area.

Long Term Evolution or ‘LTE’ masts have been put up in the Preseli Mountains of Wales to provide broadband to homes which cannot get a fast internet access thr""ough their telephone line or from Virgin Media.

LTE is capable of supporting speeds of up to 50Mbps which is rather impressive for a wireless transfer of data. Not only that but LTE runs at a 800MHz band – what this means for customers is that it is able to travel further in comparison to other bands allowing the signal to travel further, go through cavity walls and not be as badly degraded by obsticals.

Downsides are that 50Mbps is the maximum which it can run at; it unfortunately doesn’t mean that all customers will be receiving that speed unless you live right next to the mast which is probably non-advisable from a health perspective.

Steve Holebrook, MD of Arqiva’s Government said:

“Arqiva’s heritage in rolling-out projects of critical national infrastructure is matched by our long-standing commitment to providing solutions that are universal in their delivery.

We firmly believe that the combination of LTE technology, the 800MHz spectrum and a neutral-host commercial model is the best way of providing rural communities with broadband quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.”

-Source TechRadar

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