6 Technologies To Look Forward To In 2011

By SpiderGroup

3 Jan 2011

Dual-Core Smart Phones

Currently the fastest processor you can buy in a phone is 1GHz which can be found in an iPhone 4 and Samsung’s Nexus S – but 1GHz just isn’t fast enough anymor""e.

ARM and their licensees Qualcomm and Samsung are getting ready to push their dual-core processors which are aimed to improve performance and multi-tasking – great news for smartphone manufactures but bad news for people who have just bought a high-end smart phone.

LG is the first manufacturer on the market to produce a smart phone with a dual-core processor, the LG Optimus 2X, which has already been announced but according to sources we are expecting to see an awful lot more from dual-core processing handsets at CES this week.

Autostereoscopic screens

More of an overwhelming mouthful of a word than anything but ‘autostereoscopic’ screens allows users to view 3D content without having to wear the rather ridiculous glasses.

Manufactures Sharp, Sony and Toshiba and all getting ready to unveil this new technology in their TV’s and best is still to come, Sony have over 50 titles in development for the PS3 ready for 3D gaming.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC which is short for Near Field Communication is a technology which is already here and some of us may not even know it.""

NFC has been put into London Oyster cards for wireless transactions as well as Visa for ‘contactless technology’. This allows users to pay via this medium without having to put in a pin or human verification.

NFC is going to be the way forward for wireless payments and we will certainly see more of this in smart phones – possibly in the iPhone 5 as in the summer of 2010, Apple were looking to hire an NFC engineer.

1080p Mobile Video Recording

A trend of harnessing the power in a mobile phone is certainly becoming a ‘tech trend’ for 2011. Why would you want to buy a video camera just to carry an extra item around all the time when you could use a HD video recorder in your smart phone?

High definition 720p recording has become a much desired extra in smart phones today and a minimum requirement from users purchasing a new device, couple with dual-core processors coming out very soon, devices will be more than competent to handle this capability.

Again, dual-core processor handset –LG Optimus X2, yeap, that will have 1080p video recording and become a ‘trendsetter’.


Long Term Evolution, which is another tech mouthful for 2011, is something you are sure to hear a lot about in 2011, luckily it’s doing to be dubbed as 4G to make things more straight forward.


With speeds up to 12Mbps over the air, this will allow users to get their gadgets online faster, with a speedier browsing experience but and will comply with the Universal Service Commitment (USC) introduced by the government to enable a minimum of 2Mbps across the country by 2015.

4G has been tested out here in the UK by O2 but no news yet has been confirmed of deploying it. American carrier giant ‘Verizon’ is deploying the new network LTE this month – hopefully if it is a success over in the US, we should see news of this later this year to 2012.

Thin Client Computers

The main concept of a thin client is that it’s just a hardware medium which connects the user to their operating system, software and documents which is held elsewhere – on the cloud.""

The device itself is almost disposable and allows businesses to pick up and take their business with them pretty much anywhere.

With a lot of benefits surrounding the cloud and thin clients, it will keep all users documents secure and monitored by someone else but delivered on a monthly contract rather than having to buy all your hardware out-right.

The concept of Thin Client computers have been around for a while but set to take off ready for 2011 and SpiderGroup are a company who specialize in Cloud so if you want to find out more, feel free to speak to us – we speak English not Geek

We’ve seen Google release their new laptop, CR-48 ready for beta testing which is going to be Google’s first ever cloud laptop but will it be as successful as Android?

Sources predict that we won’t just see virtualization of computer Operating Systems which are currently run in the cloud but mobile operating systems too. This would allow users to swap from one operating system to another with ease and would ‘break for the barrier between work and personal phones’.

-Via ElectricPig

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