6 ways that Microsoft Lync improves the way you communicate

By SpiderGroup

25 Aug 2014



Microsoft Lync became available in January 2011 and since then has grown into a huge communication tool used by many of the Fortune 500 companies. But what of the likes of us? Those that have not yet made it to the Fortune 500 list? Can we benefit as much as the bigger organisations? We say yes. Here are just 6 ways that Lync can improve the way you work:

1. Communicate in a way that suits you.

The best thing about Lync (IMO) is the versatility. Depending on what works best for you, it allows you to:

  • Email
  • Instant message
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Plus you can do any of these to groups: mass email, mass instant message, conference call and webinar

Personally, I love instant messenger. I tend to get an instant reply and it doesn’t require the same formality or etiquette that an email would. If I need a more detailed conversation then Video call is much more personal than a telephone so that’s always a preference for me.

How do you like to communicate?

2. Presence information: Know who’s where and when.

This might sound nosy but it’s extremely useful. At a glance I can see who in the office is on the phone, who is in a meeting, busy, away from their desk or available. It’s colour coordinated making it super easy to glance and see who is free to talk. It also determines how I might contact someone. If I need to ask James a question for example, I glance at Lync and can see that he’s in a meeting. I won’t interrupt him so will send him an email or schedule an email for when the meeting is due to finish. If I send someone an Instant Message and they miss it, they’ll get an email of the content.

The presence information also allows you to have a status update such as “working on a big project, only contact if really important” or as I tend to do: “working from home today”. It’s a nice way of letting people know what you’re up to and how available you are.

3. Share information quickly and easily

Lync allows you to share your screen, documents, even a whiteboard so that you can share information in real time. Gone are the days of making notes or emailing documents to discuss. Now you get to see it at the same time, while making changes and notes on screen that you can both/all see.

If at any point you want someone else to demonstrate you simply add them to the call and give them control of the screen.

4. Take it with you, everywhere

Lync can be installed on your work computer, home computer, laptop, tablet and phone so you can access it anywhere that there’s an internet connection.

5. Professional look & feel

When arranging calls with clients, I always think it looks impressive to invite them to a call via Lync. Even if they don’t have Lync themselves, you can invite them via Outlook, which will automatically send them a number to call. It’s forward thinking and shows that your company is one which is looking to the future, looking to grow and one which invests in the right technology for it’s people. Video calls also help to deepen the relationship between clients. They are a nice bridge between phone calls and meetings: more personal than a phone call without the travel time and costs of a face to face meeting.

6. Simplicity is key

Lync is very easy to operate, options are found easily and remembered quickly. Training is minimal and often not even required. Once you’ve used it a couple of times, you’ll wonder how you coped with the previous system!

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