9 ways to prevent IT breakdown

By Bryan Parsons

Tech General
26 October 2016

There are lots of ways to prevent IT breakdown, or at least prepare for it. Here are a few of our key suggestions…

Broken-keyboard1) Warranty

When purchasing critical items of IT equipment make sure you get an extended warranty, ideally for the life of the equipment. That way, if it does breakdown you can get it repaired or replaced promptly.

2) Realistic lifetimes

Have realistic expectations in regards to the life expectancy of your IT hardware ad budget to replace it by the end of the lifetime. Don’t wait until it’s too late, you’ll find yourself without working hardware and with no budget to replace it.

3) Double up

We work with so many businesses that say they can’t afford to have an outage of even a few minutes but they still rely on a single piece of equipment or a single internet connection. If your business needs an internet connection which is available 100% of the time, then you need a backup and you need to prepared to spend the money.

4) Maintenance

Most hardware need some form of maintenance; it may just be a reboot, a visual inspection, firmware updates or monthly patching. Whatever it needs, you need to make sure it happens. Turning it on, then leaving it to its own devices for 3 years is a sure way to failure.

5) TLC

If your hardware is kept in a damp warehouse with extremes of temperature it will shorten its life. If your cables are poorly routed so they take tight bends or rub against other equipment, you’ll soon have cable trouble. If your router is sat on the floor covered in dust, coats and discarded office paperwork, you’ll soon run into problems with it over heating. You get the idea, ensure your kit is in a good environment and installed correctly.

6) Cooling

Expanding on the above, if your kit is constantly in a hot environment the fans will be working overtime, it won’t perform as well and it will fail sooner. You need to keep your hardware in a well ventilated or air conditioned room.

Working-on-the-move7) On the move

If you’re providing employees with laptops or other IT equipment, make sure they also have the correct cases and bags to carry it in, ensure staff are educated on how to take care of the equipment and they are properly versed in any maintenance which needs to take place.

8) Power

Lots of IT equipment, particularly those with hard drives, don’t like the plug suddenly being pulled. It can result in instant failure. Make sure your hardware is protected with backup power supplies.

9) Security

Having untrained and unqualified staff accessing critical IT infrastructure and potentially unplugging or plugging something they shouldn’t, can cause problems quickly; it can be hard to work out what’s been done too if you don’t know who has access. Ensure your IT equipment is stored securely and only the right staff can access it.

If you’re not already implementing all 9 of these things, it’s time to ensure your IT is the most secure possible. For more information on our IT support in Bristol, please call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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