What's new in Windows 10

By Bryan Parsons

3 May 2018
10 mins read

As you may or may not know, Microsoft have changed from releasing a major Windows update (i.e. Service Pack) every few years to relasing small updates and new features every 6 months. This time we're getting the 'Windows 10 Spring Creators update', but what exciting new features are we getting? I hear your ask. That's what we're here to talk about....


Task view gets an upgrade with Timeline, giving you quick and easy access to your last 30 days of activity, including files and websites. If you're already using Task View in Windows 10 this should be a welcome addition, if you've no idea what Task View is or where to find it then it might be time to discover it.

To acces Task View in Windows 10 just click that mysterious button on your task bar, just next to the Windows start button Cortana as pictured...

Or, if you prefer, hit the Windows key and Tab on your keyboard.

Do not Disturb

Named 'Focus Assist', this feature allows you to focus on the task in hand, supressing all the email alerts, alarms and other pop-ups that might plague your day. You can turn it on and off when you need it or set a schdule, you can also set some apps and/or people with priority access which means you'll get alerts for them even with Focus Assist turned on.

Sharing made easy

Nearby sharing makes sharing files easy, nearby computers (only those running the latest version of Windows 10) will automatically appear when sharing files in Windows. It only works if you have Bluetooth and it's turned on though.

Mute tabs

This is for Edge only (not sure if any of you are using Edge!), it has finally got a feature Chrome and Firefox have had for some time. Just click the little speaker icon in the Edge tab to mute any annoying sounds from the cat website you visited earlier.

Control Panel migration

The migration (or duplication) from Control Panel to Windows Settings continues with Fonts, Sounds and Startup Apps getting their own sections in Settings.

Are these features so great that you want them right now?

Great news, you can, the update is out now. It will be delivered via Windows update in due course but if you can't wait follow the steps below...

  • Download the update here
  • Launch file
  • Click Update Now
  • If your device is compatible the next button will let you start the upgrade

If you crave detail and want to know about more new updates check out the page on Pure Info Tech.

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