A guide to home and remote working

By SpiderGroup

26 Apr 2017

Did you know it’s becoming common practice for more businesses and individuals to work from home? This provides workers with the potential to have a better work life balance while businesses can save a considerable amount of money as running costs and overheads are greatly reduced. There is also the potential for increased productivity as studies have shown that employees produce a better standard of work from their home environments. The benefits are clear to see but how do you ensure that it works for your business and your staff?


This is an important factor behind home working as businesses need to trust their staff to deliver the goods while being based at home. Staff may be open to distraction at home but giving them the space they need to work will give them a better chance of delivering effective work.

Staying connected

Through regular phone calls or a weekly video call, you can build that trust with your employees and make sure that staff know you are thinking of them. A session on skype will enable you to talk face-to-face as opposed to creating long winded trail of emails, or alternatively use Skye Messenger to quickly IM your employees.


Create set plans or tasks for your employees while working at home. This is an effective way of making remote working effective as it will provide a work schedule and key objectives for your staff. This structure will give staff a clear deadline while making them feel like they still have a connection with the office.

"teamwork"Being part of a team

Being in an office environment is important to many people. However you can recreate the office feel using collaborative tools and encourage staff to take team conference calls to ensure they remain together.

IT equipment

Your technology plays a huge role in making remote working a success. Staff need to have the right equipment and tools available to them in the same way as they would in the office. Different jobs may need access to different equipment and so, having the right strategy in place will ensure they have the correct equipment and software. A great resolution for this is a hosted desktop which mean your staff can access all their files from the office, from the comfort of their home. Using their usual work login, they can access all their usual files and programs without a fuss.


Security forms an integral part of any business. Employers should have access to the same security as they would if they were in the office. Luckily, a hosted desktop is really secure, offering a safe back up should thing happen to your office hardware.

Businesses that offer home working have to ensure that they have the correct controls and procedures in place while providing the same care and attention to their employees. It is all about finding the right balance but also ensuring that staff feel like they are valued.

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