A Microsoft Survey Shows Concerns Over Counterfeit Software

By SpiderGroup

28 Nov 2010

Well it seems as if Microsoft are on the anti-privacy horn again with a survey of 38,000 people spread across 20 countries where they try to determine attitudes towards counterfeit software.

Further to Microsoft’s survey, they found that 73% agreed that it wasn’t safe to use pirated software – looking at it from ""another view, 27% of people thought that it was perfectly safe and legal to use pirated downloaded software – oops!

Of the 73% of people who thought counterfeit software was wrong, their main concerns were data loss and identity theft.

65% of people thought that the government should take action against counterfeit software and 72% reckoned that the industry itself should be doing more to stamp down on people downloading counterfeit software.

David Finn, Associate General Counsel for Worldwide Anti-piracy at Microsoft, commented: “Consumers everywhere are coming to us with complaints about counterfeit software. They’re asking what they can do to protect themselves. They want facts. And they want industry and government to stand up and take action. Our commitment is to do everything we can to help them.”

-Source Tech Watch

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