A Personal Ode to Cloud Computing

By SpiderGroup

12 Jun 2014

I’m a mum and I work part-time at SpiderGroup. Sometimes it’s easy, other times not so much. But one thing that’s made my working life possible is Cloud Computing. Sound dramatic? Allow me to explain…

This morning was a 5am start (for no reason other than my daughter was ready to play), she also had another attempt at Midnight. This is unusual for her so I’m always a little unprepared! Based on my energy level and wanting to be most productive I opted for working from home.

I have a remote desktop and we use Microsoft Lync so my ‘office’ can be in the centre of Bristol or in my living room. I can let everyone in the office know my whereabouts with a simple status update on Lync and 100% of my work can be done on-line.

Working from home saves me almost an hour each way on the bus which means (not only that I save £4) that I am able to be extremely productive with my time. I was able to start work at 7:30 this morning and I had ticked off a couple of items before 9 when I would usually arrive.

Communication with the rest of the office is easy thanks to Lync, I can video call, Instant Message and email (today I will probably opt for non-visual communication!)

How do I really benefit?

  • I save travel time and money
  • I get to work hours that suit me, which means I am a much more productive and happy worker
  • I get to choose how I communicate with people
  • I have less distractions than in the office where I am chatty and there’s often cake
  • I get to work in comfy clothes and step outside for fresh air whenever I feel a lull approaching (something I wouldn’t prioritise in the office where outdoors is a busy road and building work)

How does the business benefit?

  • They have a more productive and happy employee
  • Loyalty from me who values and appreciates the flexibility
  • Less distraction from my chatting and cake eating
  • Slightly less money on electricity
  • An extra parking space

Many people are saying that this is the Future of Working. Society and work forces are changing. People want flexibility; they have passion for what they do and they recognise the benefits of balancing what they do with other things that are important to them – home, family, travel for example.

For me, Cloud Computing has allowed me to enjoy my work without making sacrifices at home. I can still connect with the rest of my team as though I’m in the office but I have time to write nice blogs like this.

Do you or your team work in the Cloud? How has it benefited you and your business?


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