Acer Releasing Two Budget Android Tablets

By SpiderGuest

2 December 2010

Advent has released the name of their new Android based tablet to compete against the iPad but the significant difference is not just the operating system, but price.

Named ‘Vega’, the Vega starts at a very surprising £249.99 which is rather competitive against its competitors the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet.Advent Vega

  • 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen
  • 1024 x 600 screen resolution
  • Nvidia 1GHz Tegra dual-core processor
  • Android 2.2 Froyo

In terms of design of the tablet, there is no home button of conventional Android based tablets which have three-four physical buttons located at the bottom of the screen which consists of a Menu, Home, Back and Search button as demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

advent vega

The three physical buttons which Acer feel are required are on the tablet but are on located to the lefthand side of the tablet. Acer have put in a power button which can also be used to turn the screen on and off, a back button and an orientation lock screen button.

advent vega

On the right hand side of the tablet, located under a little platic flap is a USB 2.0 port, a fully sized HDMI-out port, and a microSD slot – the tablet also packs a very small 4GB internal memory.

 advent vega

There are two speaks located at the back of the Vega but according to sources they work well in some aspects and in other areas it does lack. Tech Radar reported the speakers are perfect and more than adequate for playing games but less impressive when playing music.


  1. There is no Android Market on the tablet so you are immediately limited in terms of customisation for the tablet taking the fun away from it.
  2. No 3G technology within the tablet unlike the Samsung Galaxy tablet.
  3. Budget tablet so you get budget features
  4. No physical buttons at the bottom of the tablet – Tech Watch reported that the buttons on the side are fiddly and non-user friendly

Benefits –

  1. For a tablet based with a popular operating system, it is very reasonably priced
  2. Acer are going to be releasing its a smaller version of this tablet with a very dumbed down operating system which isn’t Android
  3. Good browsing experience with a 10.1″ screen
  4. Full QWERT keyboard
  5. Battery life

-To read the full article, please go to Tech Radars

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