Activision Axes Guitar Hero

By SpiderGroup

23 Feb 2011

As an affluent gamer myself, I like to try out all of the latest games from Dead Space 2 through to Grand Turismo but I find that every time I go into the game shops, there’s always a newer version of Guitar Hero and Band Hero and I do find it quite hard to believe how people will spend a hundred or so pounds on all of the hardware and game just for Christmas or a birthday.


But it seems as if the US games publisher Activision have finally decided enough is enough and axed the game Guitar Hero after their latest edition failed to meet sales expectations – and I wonder why.

The publisher said in their financial statement that the game series was being discontinued because: “the popularity of music-themed video games has faded” and yes, it is rather true.

More and more of my friends and the public are into Call of Duty, shooting games, racers and violence – it’s rather shameful to say but it is the way forward for gaming.

The CEO of Activision said back in 2010 that the end of Guitar Hero was on the cards, but added: “the company was looking to build on the Guitar Hero brand name instead of launching new games under its banner”.

Alongside dropping the Guitar Hero game, Activision is going to be cutting 500 jobs which is rather shameful as they are just going to ditch one area and focus on another – but if that’s what the company has to do to improve sales, I’m sorry to say that it’s what has to be done.

What do you think of the axes? Are you a Guitar Hero fanatic? Pop a comment below or give us a tweet.

-Via IT Portal

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