What is AMP? And does it benefit SEO?

By SpiderGroup

2 November 2016

amp-snip3AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and are essentially a simplified version of a webpage aimed at mobile phone users. You may have noticed a lightning bolt symbol on some of the articles you’ve been reading recently, or maybe noticed a new carousel in the Google search results. These are AMP pages.

amp-snip-2Slimmed down webpages

Because AMP is a stripped back version of a webpage, they load up to 10 times faster than traditional webpages on mobile. This is especially useful for content and news articles where people just want to read the content without excessive Javascript, and flowery web stuff slowing down the site speed.

Technical stuff

AMP is relatively simple to implement for your content, allowing your users a better site experience on mobile. To create your own AMP page for content, you need to use AMP HTML and some Schema within the strict AMP layout requirements to ensure that your page will load lightning fast. You also need to use a canonical link to the existing page on your site and validate it so it works on Google, social media and all relevant third party sites.

AMP and UX

AMP pages will greatly improve UX – the better UX, the more likely potential customers are going to remember your brand and share your content. It’s important to remember though, that people clicking on your AMP content will actually be going to google.com/amp/www.yourwebsite.com rather than your domain so there is the potential risk of a reduction in domain authority. But the main focus here is improving engagement with content and building brand loyalty.


AMP pages, at the moment, are only showing in a carousel in the SERPS but Google have announced that they will begin rolling AMP content into the genuine search results. These pages will benefit from a ranking boost in the search engine results. Google have been pushing that site speed is a really important ranking factor so get your AMP content ready and your blogs and news articles may see a ranking boost.

AMP is the future of fast site speed in the ‘mobile first world’. Embrace it now and engage with your customers better. If you’d like a hand with setting up your AMP content, get in touch with the team. We’re experts in SEO in Bristol and the South West so give us a call on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form.

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