Apple Gets Patent For Glass Free 3D Technology

By SpiderGroup

2 Dec 2010


It seems as if Apple has got a patent for a new technology called ‘three-dimensional display system’. This new technology from Apple claims to have the answer for 3D contents to be displayed without having to wear those geeky glasses.

The proposed technology from Apple keeps a constant watch on the viewer’s position and movement so that it can beam a 3D image focused at the viewer’s eyes – therefore, if the viewer moves around the room, the special display would correct itself and change its projection angle so your eyes are constantly receiving 3D images.

As big news as this may be, what people may forget is that 3D projection without the glasses has already been attempted and worked by Nintendo with their 3DS – obviously Apple’s intention is to do what the 3DS does but on a larger screen size.

The difference between the 3DS and Apples ‘three-dimensional display system’ is that the 3DS uses a ‘parallax barrier method’ and Apple uses ‘volumetric display’.

Parallax barrier method is criticized for destroying the 3D illusion once the viewer moves their head, Volumetric displays displays holographic style images – “the image appears ghosted or transparent” says the patent author.

Apple claims its patent will now solve these problems while being “highly effective, practical, efficient, uncomplicated, and inexpensive”.

From our previous blog post that ‘2011 is going to be the new connected era’ for televisions and both IPTV and 3D-TV, news like this is starting to prove that 2011 is going to be a good year for tech. Apple have this patent and as Sony currently have over 50 titles in development for their PlayStation 3 in 3D, I am expecting something from Sony with this type of technology.

-Via Wired

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