What apps are included with Oficce 365

By Joana Aguia

Digital Tech
7 February 2018
3 mins read

Office 365 is a great option for any business who is looking to digitalise itself. By having a cloud hosting system, all of the team are able to work collaboratively and effortlessly with the help of a series of apps, hosted emails, online storage and Skype for Business.

Today we are focusing on the apps, as this is the bit that tends to make sure your team work better together, by making standard processes that much easier and simpler. We are often asked what kind of apps that Office 365 includes. And the answer is that there are a wide range of add-ons, and you can tailor your plan to your bespoke needs.

But our favorite apps are the following ones:


OneNote is great for notes, pretty self-explanatory here. But you can also add documents or share your notes with your colleagues directly from the app. Take photos and add them straight into your notes too, to really upgrade your note-taking.


Outlook is the main email program for Windows is pretty much unrivalled for its efficiency. With the Office 365 for Business package, you can also create your own custom email domain.


Publisher is great if you're not a designer but need to quickly create a visual document for your clients. The whole range of templates means you can create all manner of documents including newsletters, leaflets, calendars and more. Easy to use, you'll be printing beautiful reports in no time!


Access is the go-to resource for database management in the Office 365 suite. Store and sort plenty of data sources at the drop of a hat. It allows for simple app development meaning you can easily create an app, without any coding knowledge.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business provides instant messaging, calls, online meetings and file transfer. The ultimate in telecommunications, Skype for Business makes keeping in touch with your workforce really easy connected via your internet connection. So however remote your workforce are, rest easy in the knowledge they are just a few instant messages away.

Office 365 even has an app store, to customize and download new apps as they come out. With this feature, you can add any other apps important for your collaborative work, like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and can help you with your Office 365 set up, so get in touch by calling us on 0117 933 0570 or you can fill in our contact form.


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