Blackberry 6 OS Preview

By SpiderGroup

31 Aug 2010

""Research In Motion (otherwise known as RIM) are really starting to drive buzz around their new Blackberry operating system product, Blackberry 6. Following on from a stylistic ‘sneak peek’ video screened at WES 2010, they have now launched a second preview video detailing more of the new features available.

The video was recently posted to the official BlackBerry blog and demonstrates the new interface, described as being “with a mobile experience that is fun and approachable, yet extremely powerful.”

The new interface features a redesigned home screen which can be personalised with apps and contacts as well as universal search and ‘context-sensitive’ pop-up menus. Browsing is already a bit of a talking point thanks to the WebKit Browser although it seems it’s not the only feature to get a revamp – I want to know more about the media player improvements!

Other new features of the Blackberry 6 OS include applications such as Social Feeds, which integrates your RSS feeds and social networks into one central hub and appears to allow for easy sharing across all/some of your platforms – key for those of us who like to be selective about what we share where!

There are some concerns that all new features seem touchscreen-specific, so handsets like theBlackberry Storm 9500 would be well catered for while other Blackberry handsets like the Bold 9000may be left feeling neglected. As one Blackberry blog commentor put it: “Stop creating more varieties of BlackBerry — too hard to support for RIM & developers. Create three lines at the most: (a) Hard keyboard (AKA Bold 9700), (b) hard keyboard w/ touchscreen (AKA Torch 9800), (c) touchscreen (AKA Storm 9520).”

While an exact date has yet to be confirmed the BlackBerry 6 OS is expected to arrive later this summer. What do you think to these new updates to the Blackberry OS? What would the new wave of smart phones be? Could this possibly be a new OS ready for the ‘BlackPad’?



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