A brief guide to using Dynamics CRM

By SpiderGroup

Tech General
5 October 2016

I have been “fortunate” to have the opportunity to use several CRM’s in my time in sales over the years. In fact, although I am not old enough to remember using a Rolodex, I can confess to using a Filofax. Yes, that was the 80’s and I had just begun my career in sales. It seemed a really vital piece of a salesperson’s toolbox at that time, enabling me to store all of my client records in one place and easily look up any notes or details I needed regarding a customer or prospect.

Since then, I have tried various digital CRM’s as a way to keep client records easily accessible. As with many things in technology, progress has been made and now Dynamics CRM sees a platform that is one of the leading CRM platforms available. The dashboard has evolved since the first version I used (2010). It now offers many great improvements over the earlier versions, with better functionality and design.

The Main Menu

It is quite straightforward to use, in that you use a username and password to log in and gain access. A simple click on the three bars at the top of the menu (named a hamburger) gives you access to the key areas:

These are Sales, Service, Marketing, Settings and Help.


Many of the settings can be customised to your individual requirements however there is a good basic set up if you don’t require any customisation.


Clicking on “Sales” for example then navigates to the list of options, shown below. You can then select a lead beneath the sales tab to enter the important information of your prospect. Once you have entered this information, you are then able to convert the lead into an “opportunity” in order to update the info and use.

Dynamics CRM

By creating an opportunity, you have a great way to keep in check with the vital information that every salesperson needs. You can also rate these opportunities into different categories from cold, warm and hot, providing an instant insight to the current rating.

Sales Funnel

There is a great sales pipeline in the form of a funnel on the main sales dashboard. This allows you to see a visual representation of what’s in your current list and activities.

Dynamics CRM

This guide represents just a snippet of what you can do with Dynamics CRM. At SpiderGroup, we offer set up and training to get you up and running quickly so that you are able to maximise your sales potential and keep the information all in one place. There also a handy app for smart phones too, so you can access the main information such as phone numbers and email while on the move.

For more information, give us a call on 0117 933 0570 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you!

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