Broadband Is More Popular Than...

By SpiderGroup

3 Jan 2011

With 2011 and the new year already here, new year’s resolutions already started. Sky have decided to take it upon themselves to conduct some research to find what us Brits would prefer to give up and the results are quite interesting.

Delia Bushell, director of Broadband and Telephone at Sky said: The verdict is pretty clear – you can take away sex and chocolate but you’ll never"" take away our broadband.”

“The survey plainly shows that we Brits are devoted to our broadband as it does make our lives easier in so many ways, from saving money by shopping online to staying in touch with friends and family, or even finding a new job.”

Men (in order of what the questioner would rather give up):

  1. Chocolate (41%)
  2. Alcohol (29%)
  3. Mobile phone (12%)
  4. Television (11%)
  5. Sex (4%)
  6. Internet (1%)

Women (in order of what the questioner would rather give up):

  1. Alcohol (38%)
  2. Chocolate (24%)
  3. Sex (16%)
  4. Television (9%)
  5. Mobile phone (7%)
  6. Internet access (2%)

Sky also found out that the top of our priority list is going to be saving money, getting more exercise, finding a better job followed by staying in touch with family and friends.

-Via Broadband Choices

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