Business and IT – it’s all about the chemistry

By SpiderGroup

1 Dec 2015

We recently welcomed Peter and Sheila Brill from Net.Mentor into our offices to dig into just what makes SpiderGroup stand out from the crowd.

What do a chemist and a serial entrepreneur have in common?  It may sound like the start of a pub joke, but it’s a serious business for SpiderGroup bosses, James Cook and Steve Rogers, after their recent merger. Net.Mentor’s Peter Brill finds out why they believe IT is more than just a business tool.


When SpiderGroup Founder James Cook first met Marketing By Web owner Steve Rogers, it only took a few minutes to realise they shared the same passion. While they worked in very different areas of IT – SpiderGroup providing technical expertise to SMEs, Marketing By Web offering content marketing – they were both focused on helping businesses gain the maximum advantage from IT and digital marketing to sell products and services.

Chemistry graduate James goes back to his roots to explain: “There are many strands of chemistry but they are all governed by the same laws of physics and they’re all intrinsically linked.  Every business is exactly the same.  It has to serve its customers, communicate with them and suppliers, understand their needs and keep the mechanics of the organisation running.”

"JamesAs someone who has built and managed companies and franchises across the UK and Europe, Steve knows only too well the science of business.  “It’s all about listening to customers, understanding their requirements and knowing there is a solution.”

Now, with both businesses under the one SpiderGroup brand, James and Steve are looking to take IT to the next level for SMEs.  “If you’re going to outsource IT – which is often the most cost-effective approach for small companies – the support has to provide a much more strategic role than ever before”, James explains.

While the team recognises that IT is a vital tool in running any business, they also believe it has to be a fundamental part of its DNA; linking all the key elements of a successful business together.

With the newly-expanded SpiderGroup offering broader expertise across the whole range of business IT support – from technical to marketing, content to infrastructure strategy – James and Steve are confident they can bring a new chemistry to the relationship between IT and business.



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