Call of Duty Black Ops Makes 2010 Most Downloaded Game - Ever

By SpiderGroup

29 Dec 2010

With Black Ops over-taking Grand Turismo 5 at the Christmas number one seller for UK retail, Call of Duty has made itself into the news an awful lot for a few good and a lot of bad reasons.

Bad news for the game and developers are the continuous lag and unavailability to connect to an online ""tournament for PS3 owners, and a 17-year old from Manchester doing a DDoS attack on Activision’s servers taking the online service down – it’s certainly been a year to remember for this American company.

The popular Christmas game has now made its way into the number one position of most downloaded game – ever!

Bad news for Activision but the black market for illegal downloading of games for both PC and Xbox 360 is massive and something which the Government and ISP’s are trying to combat. We’ve already waved goodbye to LimeWire and seen Ministry of Sound take BT to court for customer details so they can send them a rather unpleasant letter stating they were going to fine the downloader for downloading their labelled music.

TorrentFreak said that the game has been illegally downloaded 5.2 million times, 4.27 million of that were PC versions and 930,000 were Xbox 360. The PC numbers are obviously well ahead of the Xbox 360 figures due to the ease of being able to pirate games on that platform.

Just behind Black Ops with 5.6million downloads, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 reached 3.96-million downloads, Mafia 2 (3.55-million), Mass Effect 2 (3.24-million), Starcraft II (3.12-million), Dante’s Inferno (1.28million) followed by Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach.

-Via Yahoo News

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