January 03, 2017

Can Dynamics CRM be used on mobile?

By SpiderGroup

The good news is YES. "Dynamics

As we are all so used to using our phones for many different technical purposes these days, it’s great to know that Microsoft have an app that allows users to access the fundamental parts of Dynamics CRM. I find this particularly useful if I am out on the road and wish to access records or simply update the details of client after a visit.

How to use the CRM app

Once you have downloaded the app, you simply sign in as you would do on a desktop. Once you have signed in, you are offered some shortcut screens. I usually just head to the “hamburger” button on the top right of the screen and access what I need from there.

Most of what you need while out and about and away from your laptop or desktop is available. You can access the vital CRM information that you need to stay up to date with while also being able to conveniently add to it on the go.

CRM app functionality

Besides having direct access to your account information, to make that all-important phone call you can simply click on your contacts and the information is to hand and there is a phone symbol enabling a click to call function.

While in the account or client information section, you are able to update any of the details that you may normally do while on your larger device.


The layout is simple as well, allowing you to jump directly to another section if desired. There is a handy search facility (with filters if required) that allows you to search for any information you may be looking for.

Adding leads and opportunities

Of course, one of the most important features if you are out and about and wish to update your CRM is the add new lead or add new opportunity options. These have the forms laid out in a straightforward way allowing you to add the vital information while it is still fresh in your memory. I find this particularly useful so that I don’t forget anything as it’s all too easy to drive to the next appointment or return to the office and not be able to recall 100% of the meeting or details required.


In summary, although I prefer the laptop or desktop version of Dynamics CRM, the flexibility the mobile version provides is invaluable. Like any software, as you become more familiar with the layout it becomes even easier to use.

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