Chris Runs With The Cloud

By SpiderGroup

16 Apr 2012


SpiderGroup’s Chris Marshall tells us how he uses the Cloud outside of the office:

For the last three years I have been building up my training for an Ironman triathlon, and the end is finally in sight. On July 22nd 2012 I’ll be part of a group of 1500 people taking part in a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. This race could take me up to 17 hours to complete, and requires a lot of preparation not only for the day, but in the time leading up to it.

An important part of preparing for this task (apart from long boring hours on the bike) has been keeping records of what training has been carried out, comparing it to past training and planning for the future. The best method I have found to help me prepare has been to use an online training diary. Every training session is recorded to keep track of distances and times completed. This has helped keep me motivated to undertake sessions when it is pouring with rain, and freezing in the winter. The fact that it is online means that I can update it from anywhere, and check it from anywhere to make sure I am on track towards my goal. The main benefit is that it is an independent witness, unlike my memory it doesn’t selectively forget the training sessions I have missed, and helps to keep me on track.

This method of keeping an online diary is becoming more popular, and the longer I train the better the site becomes as I get a longer history of what has been carried out.

For anyone interested, my website of choice is . It is free to use and it is being improved upon all the time, though there are many more out there available.

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