Chrome OS Netbooks Coming This Spring

By SpiderGroup

14 Mar 2011

With Google’s Android dominating the Mobile World Congress over in Barcelona with Android tablets and lots of Honeycomb. It seems as all the spot light had been on the mobile platform until Google’s head Honcho said that we could expect to see their cloud-based"" operating system on shelves as soon as Spring 2011.

Whilst Schmidt did his Keynote speech over at the MWC, he had rather a lot to say about Google’s new cloud-based operating system saying that: “It’s virus-free, very fast, and allows for remote management – the things that IT managers are always asking for. We believe cloud computing can be applied to the desktop. ChromeOS won’t run Windows apps, but there are some apps that you might consider as a substitution.”

Production of the notebook-mate is supposed to start in Spring which means that the Chrome OS netbooks will be here ready for summer 2011.

What do you think of the Chrome OS notebook? Is it going to fly or fall?

-Via ElectricPig


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