Cloud Computing: Commonly Asked Questions

By SpiderGroup

11 Jul 2011



We get asked lots of questions about Cloud Computing, we even organise events in Bristol to help businesses to understand it. We do also recognise that getting out of the office and away from your computer can be difficult so we’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to the Cloud.

Q1. What is Cloud Computing? (Slightly obvious but one which we should really start with)

A. Cloud Computing is, in basic terms, computing over the Internet. It allows you to access your e-mail, documents, software, even your desktop on-line, so it’s like having a virtual computer. This means you can work from anywhere – your office, your home, a hotel, a cafe, basically anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Q2. Is it safe?

A. On the whole, yes. Although, you need to ask your Cloud provider about their security measures of course. Hackers have found breaking into the Cloud extremely difficult and the security is only getting tighter. It also makes your data safe from non-virtual theft! If anyone was to break into your office and steal your computer, they wouldn’t actually be able to access your data in the Cloud.

Q3. What if my Internet connection gets lost?

A. It’s worth looking into getting a back-up connection just in case – although, as we’ve covered, you can access it anywhere with an Internet connection. Therefore, if your Internet does go down, you could always pop to a coffee shop or a home office or make a cuppa whilst you re-boot.

Q4. Will it save me money?

A. Not neccessarily. It depends on how many users you’ll have. The great thing about it is that it’s entirely scalable – so you only pay for what you need, and as you grow, so can your Cloud. Saving money is never a guarantee, though it does save energy, in fact it equates to approximately £500 electricity savings per year for every 10 users.

Q5. Is it here for good?

A. Afraid so Yes! The Cloud has already been around for years and the recent coverage shows that interest is growing. According to the Cloud Industry Forum, 48% of businesses in the UK are already using Cloud Computing of some capacity in their organisation and 85% of those already using it plan to adopt even more within the next 12 months.

Q6. How do I know if it’s for my business?

A. Cloud Computing can be used by just about any business of any size in any industry. You might be a start-up looking for secure back-up or an employer who wants easier sharing and more flexible working for your staff; either way the Cloud has various benefits and is without doubt, the future of technology.

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