Cloud Computing Is Changing The Way Businesses Think

By SpiderGroup

4 Jan 2011

According to new research conducted by CA Technologies, businesses are deciding to change the way that they think because of cloud computing.

‘Cloud Thinking’ is making companies consider cost and efficiency as a feature of their IT infrastructure.""

More than eight in ten smaller businesses surveyed claimed to be using at least one cloud service – this could be anything from Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Dynamics 4.0 through to Microsoft Exchange 2010. The figure increased to above nine in ten (92%) for bigger services – this would be expected due to the scalability of cloud computing.

Out of all the executives surveyed, 44% of them ‘cited the economical nature’ of cloud computing as its main attraction.

35% saw cloud computing as a way of taking more control of outgoings because there is less expenditure than having an office-based IT infrastructure.

Companies which already have a Cloud Computing system in their office found that it had a positive impact on the workplace, 35% of employees said that staff found it more efficient.

Cloud Computing has a lot of benefits and if you would like to find out more about ‘the cloud’ and how we can help your business, give us a tweet @spidergroupuk or a call.

-Via Broadband-Finder

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