Cloud Computing: When's A Good Time To Move?

By SpiderGroup

21 Mar 2012


Most businesses understand the Cloud and what it does, however one of the questions arising is: When should I make the move?

We suggest 4 great times to make a move to the Cloud…

At the very, very start

If you’re a Start-up, now is the best time to investigate Cloud Computing. It saves you worrying about licenses, it’s flexible and it spreads the cost of your IT. (Read 5 reasons that Start-ups are reaching for the Clouds in our recent blog)

When you hire your first employee

Recruitment can be expensive, I’ve done it myself – purchased a new laptop, installed Microsoft Office on it, created an e-mail account and so on. With the Cloud, you could purchase a new laptop, or you can rent them from certain providers and then tell your Cloud agent what you would like on it: Office? E-mail? Sharepoint? They set it up for you – and if that person leaves, they simply remove that user from the system and reduce your bill accordingly. As your team grows, so does your Cloud. It keeps things very simple, and makes your IT extremely scalable.

When your server breaks

Don’t buy a new one, this could cost you loads! Instead use this as an opportunity to move to the Cloud. You will no longer need an expensive server consuming energy. Cloud Computing means you still have the benefit of a server though it is stored and looked after off-site, and then kept safely backed up in the Cloud/Internet.

When you move to a new office

Kitting out a new office with computers, printers and servers can be expensive. Speak to a Cloud Provider about having your new office in the Cloud and see what energy and money you can save.

Cloud Computing is the future for IT in businesses, and transition to it is growing by the day. When will it be time for you?

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