Cloud Computing Will Be A 'Key Driver' In Economic Recovery

By SpiderGroup

14 Dec 2010

According to sources, Cloud Computing is going to be one of the most important ways in which the European Union can revive its economy and emergy from the economic crisis we are currently in.

Douglas McWilliams, CEO of EMC2 said: “the recovery will be boosted by business investment in technology, which could include ""applications such as hosted email, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 through the cloud.

Cloud computing will, therefore, as one of the major means of maximising the buck in modern IT investment, need to be a key driver of European business investment which will, in turn, drive the economy forward.”

EMC2’s report said the UK could save up to 30billion euros a year – 25.25 billion pounds which Europe as a whole could be boosted by up to £150billion a year by 2015.

Frank Gens, International Data Corporation told the FT (Financial Times): ‘cloud computing would give firms the abilities to teach markets that weren’t reachable before’.

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