Cloud Predictions for 2012

By SpiderGroup

9 Jan 2012


As I said in my last post, I believe that 2012 is going to be the year of the Cloud and here’s why:

  • The Cloud is getting serious! People are actually starting to understand it (supported by statistics in my last post), and businesses can see what it can do for them; and so adoption will increase.
  • Major companies like Apple are incorporating their Cloud services into their advertisements for the new iPhone which will help raise awareness and deepen understanding.
  • The Cloud is already becoming more social, making it ever more appealing. The Cloud currently makes sharing and collaborating much easier. Companies like Salesforce are taking this even further with the introduction of Chatter: A private social network for employees; making communication easier and faster.
  • Despite initial speculation over Cloud Computing decreasing the number of jobs available to IT professionals; 2012 will see new IT job titles emerging. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Technology Sector Group recently announced that its members expect demand for staff with IT skills to increase in 2012 and recruitment has started to see the appearance of job roles such as cloud transformation officer.
  • Trust will increase as the Cloud evolves and security becomes even tighter.


People have been claiming the last few years as ‘the year of the cloud’, but only recently have businesses started to understand it and make that transition. We are already seeing an increase in popularity and believe that this year, 2012, is without doubt the year of the cloud (and we promise not to say the same this time next year!).

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