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May 06, 2020

Combining Sales Tools for Effective Prospecting

A combination of Sales Navigator, Seamless, and HubSpot makes for effective and efficient prospecting.

By Natalie Howells

Prospecting can be a time-consuming task for sales professionals - finding appropriate prospects, researching and gathering their information, and adding them to your CRM ready for follow up activities. 



With a few tools, this activity can be streamlined to save considerable time and effort, providing sales teams with more time to focus on outreach efforts. Check out the video above for a quick demonstration of how to use these tools to build your database. 

Sales Navigator

You can use Sales Navigator on LinkedIn to find the right prospects for your business. The system allows you to narrow down your search by a huge variety of factors - from job title and seniority, to company size, to industry or function, to school or college alumni, right through to how connected you already are with those prospects. 

From there, you can connect with these prospects, or follow the rest of the process in our video, above, to add them directly to HubSpot. 


Seamless is a paid add-on that connects with Sales Navigator to find the contact details of the prospects you're finding. 

As you can see in the video, it uses a few methods to do this, and assigns a score to the information it produces based on how accurate it is likely to be. 

Very quickly, you can identify contact details ready to add them to your database. 


As HubSpot Partners, it'll come as no surprise that we make extensive use of the HubSpot CRM. Thanks to a handy integration, you can import contact details directly from Seamless into HubSpot. 

If you use the HubSpot Sales Hub (at any level), you can add workflows to automate things like assigning these new contacts to different members of the sales team, set up GDPR-related communications information, and create notifications for your team. This helps streamline the process even further. 


By combining these three different tools, you can easily add a large number of new potential prospects to your sales team's outreach list very quickly, freeing up time for your teams to research those prospects and target their approach. 

Adding HubSpot elements like sequences and tasks can make this outreach even more efficient, creating a streamlined, repeatable process that you can test and measure.  


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