Confused with all of the tablets due out and which is best for you?

By SpiderGroup

29 Sep 2010


If you were to ask yourself what a large touchscreen tablet was about a year ago, no one would have expected products from Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry to be this fast and sophisticated.

Not just this, with all of the tablets around now, it’s become more and more confusing into which tablet is best suited for your business and pleasure. The question of ‘what does X have over Y’ and ‘which would best suit my needs’ is one many questions surrounding these products.

As the tablet arena has 4 major competitors within in, I will try my best to cover all the major areas of the tablets, the hardware and more.

Apple iPad – iOS

The Apple iPad – probably the most predicatble one to start this blog with. With Apple having the head start on the smart pad market, Apple has most definately had the upper hand against the competition for a fair few months – until now.


Now when the iPad was released, it did start a revelution of smart pad competition. The only down-side with the iPad is the Hardware – the iPad has a 1GHz A4 processor (found in the iPhone 4) but only has 256MB of RAM.

The other thing with the iPad is that everyone knows that Apple holds these little conventions where they just have a massive press release and then go ‘welcome another new product to the Apple family’ – and rumor has it that there may be a new iPad on the scene around Christmas/ January time.

In terms of what could be expected from the new iPad V.2 could be anything. Undoubtedly the new iPad could punch FaceTime calling as well as a higher pixel screen for better resolution, gaming experience and just make it that little bit more cutting edge.

Read More on iOS

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Android


First Apple with their iPad, welcome Galaxy Tab a la Android. Samsung have produced this smart pad with Androud 2.2 OS which is probably the only smart pad which is close to hitting the market at the moment.

Android has definately been around on many different rip offs from China but Samsung have produced something which can be commercially sold to both SME and Consumers.

With a 1024 X 600 7″ display, the quality and pixel density is where the Galaxy Tab has the upper hand.

RIM Playbook – Blackberry OS

With manufactures such as Samsung and Apple, everyone knew that they were going to have a stab at the smart pad market. Blackberry on the other hand had a little step back, thought thoroughly about what to put into their smart pad and then just people thinking what Blackberry may actually produce.""

With a dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and both front and back facing cameras, the Playbook is something which has just come onto the smart pad market and shook it by the neck.

It is safe to say that if you’re a BlackBerry mobile phone owner, then you should be really interested in this one. Blackberry even claim that their development of their PlayBook is going to work closely with all their exisiting Blackberry products – could this be BIS and BES? Read more here

HP Slate – Windows 7

The HP Slate is going to be a smart pad but with a contriversial twist. If you notice that all of the rest of the smart pads have mobile operating systems on – the HP Slate has Windows 7 (a desktop operating system).""

In comparsion to how it stacks up against the rest of the competitors – who knows?

We just need to wait for an update on what will exactly be crammed into this little bundle of joy and if it will come with a docking station for CD/DVD peripherals.

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