Connecting technology, business and people at TechTalks 14

By SpiderGroup

1 Dec 2015
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SpiderGroup’s offices were filled with networkers and local business owners on Wednesday 25th November for the 14th in our series of TechTalks.

The evening was a great networking opportunity with a mix of local businesses and technology enthusiasts. The free event also featured three speakers sharing their industry secrets and giving out top tips for improving any business.

New location

SpiderGroup were proud to host the event in a new location- our very own offices in central Bristol. This gave attendees the chance to nose around our offices and meet our new staff, following our recent company mergers with Marketing By Web and BeeBlu!

Our three speakers

Image by @MinutemanPress

Sarah Owen, franchise owner of Referral Institute UK, Olly Culverhouse, owner of Signable, and Iouri Prokhorov, managing director of Helastel, all spoke at our event, revealing their industry insights.

Sarah Owen kicked-off as our first speaker, outlining her FloppyDISC system. She explained how understanding the behavioural styles of colleagues and clients can really enhance your business relationships – and DISC is the way to figure this out as a ‘really useful tool for your business’. Sarah also divulged her platinum rule of relationships; ‘treat people how they want to be treated’.

Olly Culverhouse is the founder of Signable, which has pivoted to become the UK’s largest electronic signature provider. He shared the story of how Signable came to be, and how they assessed their own needs in order to create a great product, removing the need for paper. He aims to treat every day as a ‘school day, we need to be learning every day’ in order to improve.

Iouri Prokhorov, managing director of Helastel, believes there has been a second digital revolution as ‘people experience reality through digital technology’. He explained that understanding this is key to understanding the market when developing new software. If you ‘invest and empower potential customers, you’ll get value back’.

All three speakers offered brilliant business tips and tech advice, great for any company looking to improve their relationships, profitability or efficiency.

Image by @NickElston_

After party

After the talks, the beer was flowing, thanks to Flat Cap Beers who sponsored the event. The evening and drinks continued at a local venue for even more networking, allowing attendees to meet new people and local businesses.

A big thank you

Thank you to everyone who came to TechTalks and made the evening such a success! We look forward to TechTalks 15 in February so keep your eyes peeled for the details.

If you have any feedback for the event or would like to get involved with TechTalks 15, please get in touch.

For more information, call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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