Dell Showcase 10-inch Tablet At 'Dell Means Business' Event

By SpiderGroup

17 Feb 2011

We were all planning on Dell unveiling their 10-inch tablet at CES2011 but no – no they didn’t. Dell managed to hold it off until their ‘Dell means business’ event in San Francisco just the other day.

It’s pretty self explanatory what happened at the event and it is exactly what it says on the tin – Dell unveiled a he""ll of a lot of products…39 to be precise and every one of them to target the business market.

Dell called this launch event- “the biggest product launch in the history of the company”.

Dell unveiled to the press their 10-inch Windows 7 tablet which is obviously aimed for the business tablet market rather than consumers which is great as the only real competition Dell will have is going to be Blackberry’s PlayBook with QNX.

The downside of when Dell unveiled the tablet was that they only had a mock up unit just to demonstrate what the tablet will look like and it looks like the bigger brother of the Streak.

Dell confirmed that the tablet would be released later this year so possibly around the same time of the Playbook, Honeycomb and iPad2. Who goes on the top seller we would have to wait and see – who do you think?

I personally believe that Windows 7 will dominate the tablet market but it will take a while for Microsoft to gain their well earnt market share due to the fact of Apple’s iPad being released virtually two years before Windows 7 is put on a reliable hardware tablet.


Honeycomb is going to be out in Q2/Q3 –ish time and hopefully by then Microsoft will have a decent tablet and it will become a top seller.

What are your views on the whole tablet market? Pop a comment below or give us a tweet.

-Via CNet

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