Developers Show Interest In Windows 7 And Nokia Joint Venture

By SpiderGroup

24 Feb 2011

According to a firm called ‘Flurry’ we could see a burst of activity in Windows Phone 7 projects thanks to developers and the Nokia-Microsoft-tie-up.

Sources indicated that even well before Nokia and Microsoft revealed the tie up earlier last week, the speculati""on of the new joint venture caused a surge in developer interest.

Flurry says that they saw a 66% jump in Windows Phone 7 projects starting ahead of the announcement.

Flurry compare against Android

When Android first came to the market, developers had doubt over the platform and if the apps could be lucrative due to competition. But it wasn’t until time passed and sales increased that Google’s OS developers decided to start aiding Google with the development processes thus lead to the market expanding significantly, according to Flurry.

Flurry says that the same could be true for Windows Phone 7.

Flurry said: “spike in Windows Phone 7 developer activity shows that developers not only believe Nokia has given Microsoft Windows Phone7 a shot in the arm, but also that Nokia and Microsoft together can build a viable ecosystem,”

The graph in which Flurry provided as a release, Flurry commented on it and said there has always been a relatively steady development on Android whereas Blackberry has been a market down-turn recently.

Flurry currently provide analytic solutions for developers to build into their applications to monitor exactly how well it is selling etc.



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