Connect your digital channels for success

By Joana Aguia

5 March 2018
4 mins read

These are exciting times for anyone working in marketing, whether you work in an agency or you're the marketer of your own business. There have never been so many ways to engage with your audience. Additionally, we are part of an ever, fast-changing industry powered by technology breakthroughs and creative minds. With a cross-platform audience, chances are you need to be both fluent and confident in content, email and social media in order to reach your audience effectively. The marketing channels you choose to use need to help your business achieve its goals, and need to be in the same spaces as your target market. Not surprisingly, they need to be working together in order to best achieve whatever goals you have. 

Connecting your marketing channels 

From the list below, which channels do you currently use?

  • SEO
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • Offline marketing 

And which ones are already working together? Not just the channel themselves but also their strategies. Does your marketing strategy have a section on how these channels can benefit each other and connect for maximum reach?

Planning for marketing across channels

Example 1

Here's an example; imagine you've set up a competition on your website where all your customers need to do is write their email and sign up for the newsletter. You then decide to promote this with Facebook ads and social media posting.

You can already see how you'd benefit from having 3 of your channels connected; website content, social media and paid social ads.

You could go a step further (and you should) by drawing a strategy for this campaign. Perhaps you could include a tick box for further marketing with the email sign up and input those into a PPC campaign or Facebook advertising for further remarketing. Or you could include that the more someone shares your competition across social channels, the more entries they receive into the competition.

Example 2

If you're setting up a Facebook advertising campaign aimed at your target market, think about what actions that person might take after seeing the advert. Do you think they might want to Google you and see if you show up? In which case, it's worth ensuring you're ranking organically for relevant keywords and, at the absolute least, be ranking first for your brand name.

Failing that, and if you're in need of a quick win, think about PPC adverts to ensure you're showing when those visitors are looking for more information about you to establish that trust.

The marketing sphere

Lastly, remember customers don't have a linear path. Each customer is unique and therefore they arrive to your business through their unique path. So, although it would be great and incredibly helpful if customers would go from A to C, they will most likely not. 

This is a very brief look at the importance of a strong digital marketing strategy, but hopefully, it has shed some light on an ever-changing industry. You can read more on digital marketing in our blog and if you'd like any further information about how to use these channels together, then reach out by calling us on 0117 933 0570 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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