Is it time to ditch your desk and start working remotely?

By SpiderGroup

17 February 2016

remote working

Telecommuting is on the rise. Around 60% of employers now offer the option of working remotely and roughly a quarter of employees do so at least some of the time. If you’re a member of staff still shackled to your desk, or a business owner wondering if it’s just a scam so people can sit around in their pyjamas all day, telecommuting offers a number of advantages worth considering.

working parentsStay flexible

Telecommuting lets employees work more flexibly in a way that suits them. It’s particularly popular with parents, making it easier to fit work around childcare. As an employer, it helps provide for pregnant team members and means you’re more likely to retain employees with young children.

Working remotely also lets you painlessly take your work with you when visiting clients or taking a business trip. In fact, with the right technology, you can work from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s a decent internet connection!).

Allowing staff to telecommute also lets businesses recruit from a far wider area, opening up a much larger talent pool.

Hack your productivity

ditch the commuteFor employees, being more productive means achieving the same results in less time. For employers, it lets you do more for your existing customers and frees up extra capacity to take on new business. Either way, teleworking can help.

Crucially, working remotely cuts out time wasted on commuting, which can be considerable. It also means fewer distractions, so staff can focus fully on the task in front of them and work more efficiently.

Working from home can make employees happier, which is nice but also boosts productivity. Reducing staff stress levels means they’re likely to take fewer sick days and stay with you longer. Happy people also work harder, so it really is win-win.

Save money without pinching pennies

One aspect of telecommuting that shouldn’t be overlooked is the financial savings. For employees it obviously cuts travel costs, but it also makes it easier to avoid other expenses, such as buying lunch or all those takeaway coffees. Businesses can make saving by downsizing to smaller premises (or avoiding the need to upsize when expanding) as well as saving on equipment costs. Employees can simply use their own computers or Thin Clients to connect remotely to your office server.

remote desktopLet SpiderGroup set your desktop free

A hosted desktop from SpiderGroup offers a simple, safe and secure way to cut loose from your desk and take your work with you anywhere. We offer a fully-managed and supported service, meaning your personal desktop will always be available whenever you need it, wherever you are. And if you have any problems we will get them sorted for you in record time. Hosted desktops are the future of business computing, so why not jump ahead of the curve and start working remotely today?

To find out more about switching to a fully-supported, hosted desktop for your business, call SpiderGroup today on 0117 933 0570 or fill out our contact form for a swift response.


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