Dixons Launch Infinity Computer Hire Scheme

By SpiderGroup

24 Nov 2010

Ever heard of the new Infinity scheme running through the high street name Dixons Retail? – Well if you’re sick of purchasing computers outright, Infinity allows members of the public to get a computer under a hire agreement which the buyer pays a set amount each month.

Under the two year hire agreement, you are supplied obviously with a computer but alongside the computer, you receive a two-year subscription of Norton 360 (f""or windows PC’s only), 24-hour technical support and a setup service – on top of this, Dixons provide clients with an insurance cover for breakdowns and accidental damage to the computer. The service will be available through PC World and Curry’s Shops which are both owned by Dixons.

PC World said ‘selecting a netbook computer costing £200 out-right would cost the buyer £22.55 a month, which works out at £541 over the lift of the contract’.

Now there obviously seems to be an increase in price by a phenomenal £341 – a Dixons Retail representative explained that the difference in price is off-set by what the included software and services would otherwise cost if bought separately.

Tim Fairs, head of marketing at Dixons Retail said: “This is a cost effective way to stay up to date with the latest products. Technology advances so quickly and Infinity will allow our customers to upgrade every two years so they are constantly able to keep up to date”.

Now it’s not just Windows computers Dixons Retail are going to be offering on a monthly subscribed service. An Apple iMac with a list price of £1,500 would cost the buyer £109.50 per month under the new Infinity Scheme – or in total…..£2,268!

Either way, with the massive price you pay at the end of the two-year contract, the buyer is entitled to a 25% rebate on the value of the original computer which is less than the full amount paid under the scheme if the buyer signs up for a new model at the end of the two-years.

The finance company running this scheme with Dixons Retail is ‘Thinksmart’ – and in all honesty, if you Thoughtsmart about buying a PC like this – you wouldn’t.

So does this mean that it’s more luring for businesses purchasing a PC this way? How would you feel about buying a netbook with an RRP of £200 and paying in total at the end £541? – wouldn’t you feel a little ripped off? We would like to hear your feedback upon this.


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