Do You Backup? Our Survey Says... Yes!

By SpiderGroup

18 March 2012

According to the Home Office Computer Magazine (and a million other websites), 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year.  70% fail within 5 years, both due to the loss of data. I can find no real evidence to support this statistic, however I am certain that backing up is crucial to any business. I know that if I lost my computer when I started my first business, I could have continued to trade but I would have needed to spend about a month recovering lost work, which would have had quite an impact on my cash-flow.

Some good news

Companies are backing-up. Once again I struggled to find studies and so I ran a quick Twitter poll this week asking SME’s 2 questions:

1. Do you back up? And if so, do you back-up on or off-line?

2. How often do you back-up

I initially thought that a large portion would say that they didn’t back-up, making me feel better about not backing up myself until becoming part of a IT team this year.

I was so wrong:

According to the poll: 95% of those answered DO back-up!
90% back-up on line
5% back-up on their hard drive
26% back-up on-line as well as on their hard-drive
68% back up everyday!

I’m so surprised (and impressed) by these figures – I do believe there must still be people out there who don’t back up, be honest, do you?

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