Does your business still work in the past?

By SpiderGroup

26 Jan 2014



We’re now well into another year, has your business advanced or are you ever so slightly stuck in your ways?

New technologies are constantly emerging and it’s difficult to know which ones support your business and which ones support procrastination or unnecessary spending. Here are my thoughts of what will keep you out of the past but not out of pocket:

Social Media

There are plenty of blogs out there to convince you that you should be using Social Media and I’m sure that you all are. But are you still sending promotional tweets or are you engaging? Twitter has over 600 million users and Facebook more than 1 billion so it’s well worth investing some time to make sure that you’re getting this right. We love this blog on Social Media. At SpiderGroup we embrace Social Media and of course we are always looking for ways that technology might enable us to save some time in the process. In order to work faster we recommend using platforms such as Hootsuite, Flipboard and Buffer which allow you to schedule posts and search lots of (your chosen) news very quickly.

Cloud Computing

Trying not to be biased here but we’ve seen a huge rise in the understanding and adoption of Cloud Computing. It’s been referred to as the future for years, but the ‘future’ is here.

Cloud Computing allows you to work anywhere, any time. This is important for businesses who employ people on a flexible basis, especially if members of your team work from abroad, home or another office. It also allows you to share and collaborate super easily, almost gone are the days of sending a document by email and awaiting feedback. Cloud Computing allows for more flexible working, more speed, and often less IT spend.

Unified Communications

Are you still using a mobile or desk phone? Or have you made the move towards Unified Communications? UC is a telephone system which incorporates instant messaging, conference calls, white boards, presence information and more. The whole point is to make the user experience of communications much easier and quicker. You can communicate with your team instantly, hold virtual meetings, let people know that you’re in a meeting or on a call (automatically) and have phone calls ring multiple devices simultaneously. Unified Communications allows you to work how you want, when you want, where you want. Costs start at around £6 per person per month plus the cost of calls. A great example of a low cost technology that has a massive impact on the business.

Mobile friendly websites

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, the number of smartphone owners has reached 72% in the UK. They surveyed 1000 people, half of which said they had used their smartphone to make a purchase. How does your website view on a mobile phone? Is a mobile app something that might benefit your business?

I don’t believe that mobile phones will replace PC’s but I do see that they are being used much more frequently. Think about what you yourself use your mobile phone for. I personally use it when I’m in between meetings, at home on an evening or whilst travelling. I use it for emails obviously but also research. I’ll look at news, social media and when things of interest pop up I’ll read articles and blogs. Try to think in terms of your customer and how and when they might find your services, is it while sat at their desk or while sat on their sofa or the train?

The way we work, shop, search and find new business is changing all of the time. It doesn’t always cost a fortune to keep up to date and it’s virtually always worth it.

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