FaceTime Coming to Mac OS X

By SpiderGroup

20 Oct 2010

Does this mean that the iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature becomes more useful?""

‘FaceTime has proven popular already since its implementation on iOS, and whilst video chat is nothing new in the slightest, it may be one of the best examples around at the moment – with the only nag of having to be connected to Wi-Fi to enable the feature.

However, for the desktop we have been almost forced to use Skype if we are after a decent experience, but Mac users are used to things more stylish in interface and simple in usability – enter FaceTime.’

With Apple suddenly revamping most of their products e.g. iPhone 4 has FaceTime, new release of the iPod Touch has FaceTime – were we already going to expect this?

But summing it up, FaceTime is pretty much FaceTime. It’s just video calling for iPhones but as much as Apple may want to big it up for being as good as it is, 3 Mobile did release video calling in and around 2002 and it was avaliable without – yeap without an Wi-Fi connection.

Will this make you want to use the iPhone 4′s video calling more often? Does it mean that carrier networks are going to become more robust and support FaceTime over the air? Will Microsoft develop something to compete against FaceTime for their new Windows Mobile 7?


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