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By SpiderGuest

21 November 2010

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I am a hard-core gamer but when Microsoft release a new version of Halo, I find it a burdon having to travel down to my local Game UK store and then pay for a game which is only compatible with one platform. This goes for the same reason as games such as Grand Turismo and other games which have got exclusive rights to a specific gaming console.

What I am trying to say is that I’m sure i am not just the only one which has a mumble and grumble about one game stuck to one platform and there needs to be some form of synergy in platforms, smart phones and computers.

This is where Cloud Computing with super-fast internet connection comes into play. With BT releasing their BT Infinity (check availability here) which is their newer, faster version of broadband for UK residents with speeds up to 40meg and Virgin Media’s Speedy Gonzales100meg broadband being released soon – it’s all going to be good news for gamers and businesses.

For people who don’t know what Cloud Computing is, it provides a hosted service as well as many benefits opposed to traditional computing and physically having everything on your premises. You can think about Cloud Gaming as not physically having your PS3 under your TV, your games aren’t in their boxes in your house, your saved game data is stored virtually and you pay for your services on a monthly subscription – sounds good huh?

Now the point of this article is that there are many different companies offering Cloud Gaming such as ‘OnLine’ which sell you a micro-console and now Antix.

Antix has just launched their new universal gaming platform for TV’s, Mobiles, Laptops (Windows &Mac) and PC’s. Antix is a UK company that now hopes to revolutionise the way games are created, developed. They hope for all gaming developers to build one game which is compatible with multiple platforms – I can safely say that this is news I like to hear.

Antix Launch Universal Game Platform

Antix Labs (Antix’s devleopers) are currently working on a television micro-chip to provide Antix gamers a gaming platform with a internet compatible TV (ipTV) — news is still to be confirmed of which manufactures will be compatible and what games will be released.

I think the idea sounds pretty great about Cloud Gaming and you just pay for everything on a monthly subscription and Call Of Duty will now be compatible on my mobile, laptop and PC . In practice, it all sounds great – I can play my games and save the large outlay of money on games and consoles!

The Antix’s client runs on Android, Linux, Windows and there is even a free Game Development Kit for the more geeky gamers.

So how does this sound to you? Gaming but on a whole new level and you don’t even have to wait outside retail stores like Game UK on a cold November night for mid-night releases.

– Source IntoMobile, Geeky-Gadgets

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