Get Ready Bristol, Ultrafast Internet is Coming Your Way in 2016

By SpiderGroup

14 Jan 2016


Bristol businesses will soon have access to super high speed internet thanks to a partnership between pure fibre network specialists CityFibre and local internet service provider Triangle Networks.

The move follows CityFibre’s £90m acquisition of 1,100km of network assets from Kcom last year, including 82km in Bristol. This allows the firm to offer speeds of 1Gbps to existing and new customers of Triangle Networks through their new partnership deal.

The service is intended to go live at the end of February with CityFibre promising “market-leading ‘Gigabit-speed-as-standard’ services.” Triangle Networks are committed to having at least 100 customers on the new service by the end of 2016.

How do you make the internet faster?

"BristolAccording to Triangle Network MD Paul Anslow: “As this is a pure fibre network, Triangle will launch services that are ‘Gigabit-speed-as-standard’, far faster than those possible on fibre-to-the-cabinet networks that are still restricted by the limitations of copper wires.”

Most existing networks rely on traditional copper wires to connect your business to a roadside cabinet (these are usually small green boxes) which then connect to the local exchange using fibre optic lines. As copper wires carry data at much lower speeds than fibre optics, this creates a bottleneck between your business and the cabinet, meaning your internet speed is limited by how fast information can be transmitted along the copper wires.

With a “pure fibre network” your business connects directly to the exchange using fibre optics all the way, offering speeds over 100 times faster than existing broadband lines! This kind of boost will mean noticeably faster internet for your business.

As Anslow said: “This enables businesses to stop concerning themselves with bandwidth restrictions and start to make the most of new ways of working that will improve their experience and drive the bottom line.”

Why Bristol?

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch explained why Bristol is the ideal place to roll out super high speed internet: ““Bristol is already a UK leader in digital innovation, but its business community has not yet had the opportunity to take full advantage. This project provides that opportunity, and I can think of nowhere more exciting to begin our latest project.”

CityFibre plans to expand their service to include 36 British cities, meaning the roll out of super high speed broadband nationwide is likely to follow soon.

"CloudHow your business can benefit

Superfast broadband you can count on will make services such as remote desktop much faster and more reliable. This means your business will be able to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness, flexibility and peace of mind hosted desktop, software as a service and other cloud-based offerings provide without having to worry about internet being able to keep up.

To find out more about the ways Gigabit-speed internet can transform your business, call SpiderGroup today on 0117 933 0570 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you faster than a data packet down a pure fibre network!

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